Monday nights are fairly low-key around our house… we spend most of the evening catching up on things DVR’ed from the last week. It’s an unspoken rule that we watch all of our HBO shows (True Blood, Curb and Entourage live, of course!) so the first thing we usually watch on Monday is the Real Housewives of New Jersey from the night before. That was the plan until about 5:45 pm yesterday when I saw a tweet from Teresa Giudice saying she was having a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Hamilton, NJ, at 7!  Turn down an opportunity to meet my favorite housewife?!?!?! Umm, I think not! Hamilton is not exactly right around the corner but with some quick outfit decision making (thank goodness we did laundry yesterday!!) and a hefty dose of bronzer we were good to go!

We actually got there a few minutes before 7 (80 is the speed limit, right??), bought our copy of Fabulicious and hopped in line.  An hour and a half later we were schmoozing with Tre herself – hubby told her how much he loves watching the show each week with me (to which she tried to boost his ego agreed that a lot of guys love the show) and I made some cheesy joke about referring to said hubby as ‘Juicy Jared’ instead of ‘Juicy Joe’ :) She laughed and thanked us for being fans. We made sure to get a photo, too!!

I’m also planning on making quite a few dishes from our signed copy of Fabulicious! We had some time to kill in line so were looking thru and I decided the Holy Cannoli Cupcakes have to be made pronto!!

You can get your own copy of Fabulicious on Amazon for much less than we paid in the store!!


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