Introducing… Little Caesar!

So you may be wondering why we refer to our home as our Palace… Sure, Hubby and I live here but in all honestly this place really belongs to a certain little gentleman.  Meet Little Caesar!  He’s the head honcho here at Caesar’s Palace!

Sure, we may be bias but he truly is one of the cutest

things I have ever seen in my life!!

Caesar is an Affenpinscher that we got from a fabulous breeder in Massachusetts. We had never heard of the breed untl we went to the Westminster Kennel Club show last February and fell. in. love!

Some of Caesar’s favorite past times include watching TV, giving kisses, chasing ping pong balls around the house, playing tag with his Auntie Penny (my Parents’ Westie) and cuddling in bed with his Mom and Dad!

Believe it or not Caesar also loves to travel in his tote bag (no, he’s not a fashion accessory, he actually jumps in on his own) and loves when people come up to meet him. Just warning you now, there will be plenty of photos, videos, etc., of Caesar to come!

We’re actually taking Caesar to what may be his ‘big break’ this weekend :)  There is an audition for the 1st Annual Pet Support Phashion Charity Affair which benefits the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA). From what we’ve read dogs will have to walk the runway on a leash… well, we’ve been practicing my best mom-from-toddlers-and-tiaras impression our leash walk (since walking nicely without pulling is not the easiest thing for C) and in the meantime he has perfected ‘the spin!’ We’re crossing our fingers that ‘the spin’ wins the judges over… I can’t think of a better way to show off couture doggie fashions!


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