Sunburst Mirror Score!

Hubby and I moved into Caesar’s Palace, aka the ‘Forever Home’, about a year ago now.  Thanks to a few favorite home decor blogs and Pinterest I’ve been feeling inspired to finally start decorating. Though there’s no real ‘rush’ to move in and decorate and re-do every space, we have been feeling anxious about being here almost a year and still having nothing up on the walls… So, I’ve spent the last few months tackling some little DIY projects around our humble abode (and by little I mean competely reflooring and painting our deck, but let’s save that project for another post…).

So like everyone else I have totally jumped on the sunburst mirror bandwagon. There’s just something about them, they’re classy and elegant yet still fun and whimsical! Currently, there is only one hanging in our home and I’ll be honest he was only $12 at Target but I have always had my eye on this guy.

This little beauty from would have set me back $384.99 and also got a 1-star review, so I knew he’d never actually grace the walls of our home, but I’ve always subconsciously been on the look-out for something similar… Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted this guy yesterday in Marshall’s for a mere $19.99…

My poor Mom almost had a heart attack when I quickly dropped the frame I was looking at and made a beeline to this little gem while chanting ‘ohmygosh ohmygosh…’ “It’s so black” she pointed out. “Yesssss, but I can spray it!” And so I came home and quickly taped this sucker up and started spraying…

Can I just tell you how thrilled I am with the finished product?? Three coats of spray primer and it’s all white and gorg!! It will look perfect above our bed in our Master Bedroom.

I’m contemplating finishing this guy with one coat of Rustoleum Gloss White so I haven’t removed the tape yet but I know once I do it will be just as nice, if not nicer, than the $350 version!

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