Monday Morning Inspiration…

I cannot believe how quickly the weeks just fly by! This one is special one though because it’s the start of my Hubby’s Birthday Week!!  I love birthdays (especially mine!!!) but his is a close second :)

We celebrated a bit with some friend’s at the beach this weekend and will be seeing our BFFs this weekend for another celebration! I can’t wait!! But let’s be honest, with celebrating also comes eating…and we’re not talking veggies and fat-free dip eating, we’re talking Dorritos, homemade spinach dip in a bread bowl, ice cream, cupcakes and birthday cake eating.  Ugh, I feel my jeans getting tighter just thinking about it!  That brings me to this week’s inspiration about something I will be doing a lot of the next few days…

Now, I am by no means at all a real runner BUT I have found that I really enjoy running and feel ah-mazing after.  For real, I was the girl walking on the track in gym class with the worst timed mile and the girl that hated to sweat (well, I’m still kind of that girl).  But now I love being all sweaty listening to some of my favorite songs and being being text, call and email free for a while with the wind in my face.

As someone always working on keeping my girlish figure, well, girlish, I would dread spending anymore than 30 minutes or less on our treadmill.  Even with a great playlist I just found myself bored and concentrating on nothing but the ticking clock in front of me and that little dot going around the fake digital track. Blah, it makes me angry just thinking about it! Then I decided to just give running outside a shot.  I’ll be honest, the first few times I went out in the dark… I didn’t want people to know I could only make it a few mailboxes down the street without stopping. Don’t laugh, it’s true! I couldn’t believe I could run without stopping on the treadmill but feel minutes away from death outside…

Today, however, was a big day! I graduated to a sun-lit run!! Wow, can I just tell you that I am hooked!! I find myself logging on to MapMyRun at random times of the day to find new routes in our neighborhood and I’ve been increasing my distance daily.  We are lucky enough to have a bike path that runs along a little creek and woods only .46 miles away from our front door (thank you MapMyRun), so I went that way today.  I think I’ll take that 2.5 mile route again in the morning… maybe I’ll aim for 3!!

Do you run?? If so, do you remember the day you realized you loved it?? Now I can’t wait to get my hands on some birthday cake, I think I earned it!!


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