In the dark…

Pardon my lack of posts the last few days but we have been in the dark… literally!! Hurricane Irene came thru this weekend and left us without power since Saturday night!   I can’t believe how much we depend on Internet and TV in a day!  I honestly felt like I ran out of things to talk about 4 hours into Sunday morning but we’re fortunate the lack of power was the least of our problems.  Many homes just a few minutes away from us suffered flooded basements and major damage (including my Grandmom’s house that had 2 feet of water in the basement since the sump pump stopped working when the power went out.  Thankfully to my Dad and a handy submersible pump it’s all good now).

Never being in a hurricane before the scariest part were the tornado warnings! We were watching the news late Saturday night when the weather man started pointing out ‘rotations’, not actual tornados but what could be the start of ones! Being the scaredy cat I am I corraled the Mr. and Caesar down to the basement. We actually ended up spending the night down there since the tornado warnings became so frequent.  Once downstairs and organized we decided to pop on some Friends DVDs instead of watching the news and took comfort knowing we were as safe as we could be.

I know the local news stations are getting some slack for causing drama and panic by pointing out the ‘rotations’ but I am happy they did! Yes, I was very scared by them and they turned out (thankfully) to be nothing but the warnings gave me time to calmly get some things together before heading to the basement.  Hubs and I worked very well together at organizing for the potential tornado! I know it sounds funny but we each gathered essentials to make us prepared. Besides the three of us, pillows, blankets and my teddy bear, the below headed to the basement with us:

  • A Tote Bag filled with
      • important documents [from my filing cabinet I quickly grabbed our certificates folder (marriage, birth, passports, etc.), insurance folder (house, car, life and jewelry) and Caesar folder (shot record, rabies certificate and tag – just in case we had to head to a shelter)]. I put these in a large ziploc bag to keep them dry.
      • Food [I included 2 bottles of water (we have a mini-fridge stocked in our basement so didn’t need more), 6 snack bars and a baggie of food for Caesar]
      • Car charger for our cell phones (anticipating power outages)
      • 2 Flashlights
      • Car Keys
      • medicines and bandaids
  • Caesar’s Crate, leash and bathroom baggies
  • a few things we cherish**
      • Wedding Album and DVD of photos
      • Wedding DVD
      • small family photo album
      • my favorite jewelry

** Now these are obviously frivolous items I more than likely would not have included if this was a real emergency or if I was in a hurry, but since we had about 10 minutes or so before the ‘rotation’ was near our area I figured we might as well bring them down with us.  

I think knowing we had all of our important document, food and water for all of us for a few days made us feel so much better about a potential disaster. I’ve always been scared to death of tornados but having those extra few minutes to get prepared and get our family safely downstairs made it much easier to handle so I commend the local news and weather forecasters for keeping us up-to-date and informed!


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