Summer of ’11

Ugh, Labor Day Weekend.  While I can appreciate the reason for Labor Day (to celebrate and honor the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country) I just can’t look past the fact that it’s turned into the unofficial end of Summer.  I get sad just typing that phrase.  But on the flip side, I actually LOVE Fall, as in fall-may-be-my-most-favorite-season-ever!!  So I’m sure come Tuesday morning I’ll be itching to put my Fall wreath on my door while wearing my Uggs, but please let me mourn the end of my Summer for a few more days.

The Mr. and I had a fantastic first Summer in our new house!!  We kicked off Summer of ’11 with a bang and left for an amazing vacation to Florida and the Bahamas, which consisted of visiting some friends, a Cruise to the Bahamas on the Disney Dream and a few days in Disney World… ahh, every summer should start this way!

The Disney Dream (not a postcard, I took this!) and Castaway Cay

Between all of the beautiful hardwood decks onboard the Disney Dream and the gorgeous decking and boardwalk outside of our room at Yacht Club, coming home to our fake-redwood colored deck just wasn’t going to do.  During our flight home from Florida I decided we as in my Dad and I  needed to do something to update our deck pronto!  After a few brainstorming sessions and some trial and error (note to self, never use chemical paint stripper in 100+ degree weather again!!) the Great Deck Project of ’11 commenced. Within about three weeks the whole ting was refloored and gorgeous – not bad for some DIYers! We’re still waiting to seal the new wood and add some lighting but I can’t be happier with the outcome of this project!  Big shout out to my DAD!!! Couldn’t have done this at all without you!!!!!

Our ‘Natural’ Redwood and rotting deck and our new ‘Amazing’ deck!

We spent quite a few days down in Seaside, went to a few state fairs and even found a new local ‘spot’, our self-serve frozen yogurt!! There may have even been a week or two where I went every day…?!?

It’s been fun Summer, see you next year! Now, excuse me while I go unpack my fall decor…


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