New Bedroom Accent

Remember this lovely mirror I mentioned a few weeks ago?  He finally has a new home in our bedroom and I love it!  I was originally planning on putting him over our bed but he didn’t look as good there as he looks between our two windows.

This mirror cost a whopping $26.99 total!

After priming this guy a few weeks ago I finished this mirror this weekend with Rustoleum Lacquer Spray in White that I purchased from The Home Depot for about $7 (you can also find it here).  I was super excited as I wanted it to have a very glossy finish and I thought this would do the trick.  I’ll be honest… though I love Rustoleum products I was slightly disappointed in this one. I applied 5 coats of the Lacquer spray and don’t find the mirror to be ‘lacquer-y’ at all… it has a slight shine to it if you’re looking at it from the right angle, but that’s it!  Reading some reviews of the product on it looks like others have been able to achieve their desired finishes with numerous coats but I was just to impatient to rip the tape off and hang it.

I personally won’t be purchasing the Lacquer spray again, I’ll just stick to clear gloss from here on out, but I do love my new mirror!! Now to find some nice candlesticks for those fabulous Mikasa crystal candle holders we got as a wedding present that I thought I’d only use on holidays!


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