I remember exactly where I was 10 years ago today. I was a freshman in college, attending my 2nd Mass Media class.  During our 1st class that Thursday before, our professor started by playing us a piece from a radio broadcast discussing how cell phones were becoming more widely used in Bangladesh. We listened to the piece for about 10 minutes before he turned it off and used it as a springboard for our first class discussion… He started the 2nd class the same way, or so we thought. He came into the room and turned on the radio which at this point (about 9:45 am) was talking only about the planes that had just hit the World Trade Center. We sat there listening just assuming this was a fictional piece we were about to discuss. The radio station then cut to commercial and we heard an ad for Fright Fest at our local Six Flags amusement park… I turned to the guy sitting on my left (now my husband) and pointed out how this had to be live as I had heard the same commercial on my drive to campus that morning…

I remember the girl running out of class crying a few minutes later because her Dad worked in the South Tower… class was dismissed seconds later.

I remember how blue the sky was as I was walking back to the student center.  I would have headed right to my car since that was my last class of the day but I had a meeting at noon I needed to attend.  My Mom was calling me begging me to come home but I knew I needed to stay.  I sat by myself in the student center watching the World Trade Center Towers crumble, the Pentagon in flames and the heroic Flight 93 go down in Shanksville.

I remember being so happy to get home that afternoon to my parents, grandmom and dog.  We sat watching the news into the late hours of the night still trying to comprehend what had happened.  The night before my biggest fear was not making friends in college and now I was fearing for not only the safety of my family but also our country.

I remember how things changed completely 10 years ago.

I will always remember, I will never forget.


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