Coffee Heaven!

I can openly confess that I am addicted to my Keurig – for real, we’re talking my-life-would-be-over-without-it!  I even once contemplated buying the smallest model to keep in my bedroom closet because, you know, the one downstairs in the kitchen is just too far away sometimes.  On moving day we made sure the movers knew NOT to load the Keurig box on the truck so we could take it to our new house ourselves and be sure we could have our coffee the next morning.  Whether or not a hotel has a Keurig in each room has also been the deciding factor for me on a few occasions (the Colonnade in Boston even had Kona stocked last time we were there – look at this cute little setup!)

We weren’t completely on board with the Keurig before we got it.  We had a regular 12-cup coffee brewer than we loved – it was programmable (as long as I remembered to stock it the night before) and looked great in our kitchen – but the taste was never consistent.  Sometimes it was too strong, sometimes too weak, but always just blah.  The Mr. had no idea how to use it and I’d often find Starbucks cups in his car! I’d get annoyed and say things like, ‘You’re wasting money! We have a perfectly good coffee maker at home!’  But one morning I finally admitted to myself that our coffee maker’s coffee just couldn’t cut it and started going back to Starbucks too…

Fast forward to our one-year anniversary when my Parents gave us the greatest gift in the world… our Keurig, complete with K-cups galore!! My mom included a few packages of throw-away to-go mugs to fulfill the traditional first anniversary gift of paper! So smart!

Our mornings changed from that day forward… each cup of coffee is now perfect and delicious and much better than Starbucks! It’s fun picking being able to pick out a different flavor each day and the tastes are always consistent, best of all, it takes less than a minute to brew! Ahh, I love it!  Seriously, just push a button and voila! Two of our friends have even purchased their own Keurigs after hearing us talk about it non-stop trying ours.  The Mr. and I felt so proud :)

We’re always trying new flavors, our favorites being Kona and Donut Shop (Wild Mountain Blueberry is a close second – yes, blueberry, surprisingly deeelish!), and I was especially excited for this week’s delivery. All I can say is Pumpkin Spice, where have you BEEN my whole life?!?!  It smells like Fall while it’s brewing and tastes amazing! It’s only available seasonly so I think I’ll need to stock  up!!

Do you have a Keurig?? Did it change your life too???


4 thoughts on “Coffee Heaven!

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