Our Living Room… Then & Now

Happy Friday!! Today I am linking up to the Roomspiration blog hop & link party! I’m so excited to have you visit my blog and I apologize in advance for my lack of a header…it’s coming, I promise!! But I hope that doesn’t scare you away and that you spend a few minutes here looking around and reading about all of the random things that go on at our home (which we lovingly refer to as Caesar’s Palace)!  I’m very excited about my new blog and have great things planned!

So the theme on Wednesday was living rooms! Yes, I know I’m a few days late but my poor little Caesar had an accident that morning. Thankfully, he is completely fine now but scared his Momma quite a bit with the amount of blood he lost tearing a nail… I thought it was life or death at the time!  He likes to chew on them and I’ve always thought it was a cute habit until I realized he’s making them rough and prone to catching on things like rugs and blankets… Thankfully our vet is close and was able to numb his little paw and remove what was left… I was told he didn’t even cry!  Just look how cute he is in his blue bandage.

Now back to our living room… One of the things we loved most about our house during the very first showing was how neutral it was – and of course, that was the first thing we changed when we moved in – the walls!  We had painted our old home’s living room blue and we knew we wanted this one blue, too. This time around we chose Muscari, a Martha Stewart Paint Color.  Here’s a look at the before pic taken during our home inspection… the room was nice just not at all our style.

the same shot on moving day…

and here is the room today…!

It is obviously still quite a work in progress but is so much more cozy than it had been.  I am constantly switching around the throw pillows and have 6 yards of fabric upstairs to make more.  The art about the couch originally had a darker blue color on top of the brown that matched our old home perfectly.  I still loved it so decided to just paint over it myself with the left over Muscari.  That lasted a few months until I decided it needed a little more texture. So I got out my shoebox of paints and used a thick white acrylic base and just added hints of blue and green. The change is very subtle and looks more ‘white’ now than ‘blue’ so it stands out much better from the wall, especially at night!

The biggest change, besides the paint, were the window treatments.  For some reason I loved the look of the sheers the previous owners had left and I kept them up until a few weeks ago but I noticed a trend in the living room photos I was pinning on Pinterest… all of them had curtains placed much closer to the ceiling than mine had been.  I was nervous that moving the rods up a few inches would make our 9′ ceilings appear smaller until I moved one up just to see…

Wow!! I couldn’t believe it! Your eye really does follow them all the way up to the ceiling and they were exactly the look I was going for.  The ceilings actually feel taller than they were and the room finally feels more put together.  I found some pretty crystal accented curtain rods at JC Penny (love their window treatment selection and they always have great coupons!) and have since hemmed the Ikea curtains. I’d be lying if I said these window treatments weren’t my favorite thing in the whole world our home!

If you are at ALL thinking about moving your curtain rods closer to your ceiling… DO IT yesterday as soon as you can!! You will be amazed at how it changes the look and feel of your room.  I’m now on a mission to replace and raise all of the curtain rods in our home!

Thanks again for visiting and reading about our living room, I hope it’s left you feeling a bit inspired.  Be sure to check out the other fabulous rooms and featured by clicking below!


Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!!

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