Faux Roman(ish) Shades

Like most men, my Hubby tends to park it in front of the TV on Sunday afternoons and watch Redzone for what feels like an eternity.  I’m not really complaining, he works hard all week and loves his sports, but football just doesn’t do it for me.  Now, that’s not to say I’m not kicking major butt in a fantasy league but I can’t sit still and watch football allllll afternoon.

This Sunday, I had every intention of flipping thru a few magazines, finally unpacking from last week’s trip down the shore and maybe even taking a bath, but that all changed that morning when I woke up and decided  that I no longer liked this particular window treatment…

Meet our kitchen window!  I just love this window, it’s huge and overlooks our deck and backyard.  I can’t wait till the weather cools and this humidity is gone so we can pop the screens in and enjoy the fresh air!

The original treatment was left for us by the previous owners left. It was very nice of them, and was rather cute but was just not our style.

So I quickly replaced it with a damask curtain panel I fell in love with at Pier 1. Not wanting actual curtains hanging, I just bought one panel, draped it over the rod and hoped for the best! Thankfully my plan worked and this guy lasted almost a year without ever slipping once.

A big issue for me though was that the ‘droopy’ part of the swag style interfered with top window lock, so I’d have to make sure the droop was out of the way before I locked the window or the whole thing could have pulled down! The ‘droopy’ part could also be seen from the deck and it lacked any pattern, so I always knew this curtain wouldn’t last forever….

Before the first halftime on Sunday this curtain was down, ironed and ready to be made into something new.  I’ve recently been pinning many Roman Shade tutorials on pinterest so knew that was the direction I was going with this but I’m not the best at following directions so used them only as a guide and got to work.

I laid the fabric out flat on the floor and started folding the panel up and under itself to form my roman shade.  This would have taken me much less than 4 hours time had the fabric not been patterned.  I borderline drove myself nuts trying to match up all the pretty damask.  Finally, once everything was looking the way I envisioned it I got out my stitch witch and started ironing. (Normally, I’d whip out my sewing machine but this pattern was really frightening me and I thought stitch witch would be easier to work with than actual stitches!).I ironed and stitch witched all of the roman shade ‘folds’ and used my sewing machine to sew together the two pieces that made the top of my shades.  I was planning on putting my curtain rod thru this part and since the fabric is more of a canvas and is rather heavy I didn’t fully trust the stitch witch to support that kind of weight.

Finally, after hours of matching patterns and stradling my sink trying to move the curtain rod brackets closer to the ceiling the moment of truth arrived. Hubby helped hang the rod so I could stand back and judge my work admire my new roman(ish) shade…

Please ignore the two drills and dirty dishes, but ta-daaaaa!!  Here’s one more look from the entry way…

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it! I like the look much better than the swaggy-valance and again am shocked how moving the curtains closer to the ceiling makes a room look so much taller!  There are a few spots I plan on tweaking but they can wait till next Sunday. This may be the first time I’m looking forward to Football Sunday just as much as my husband! :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my latest DIY in the comments!  I also linked this post up to Running With Glitter’s Link Party! I love her blog – be sure to check it out!


4 thoughts on “Faux Roman(ish) Shades

  1. These look awesome! I am in the middle of making mine and your blog popped up. They look great. I’m still trying to figure out how many and how far apart i want the folds.

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