Dining Room Chandelier Dilemma…

I’ve recently found myself drooling over crystal accented chandeliers! I just need one – big time. I’m a firm believer that one cannot have enough sparkle in their life so we are taking the plunge and ordering one from Overstock.com in a few days (their birthday sale starts in 2 days and I’m hoping maybe one or all will go on sale!!).

I’ve narrowed it down to my Top Three, here they are (in no particular order)…

*Swoon* Option #1… Could it BE any more sparkly (said in my best Chandler voice). This one was the last I fell in love with and it really was because of the reviews. O.com has it rated 4.9 out of 5 stars… almost pure, crystal perfection.  A reviewer actually said, and I quote, “folks drive by my house and knock on my door and ask about it”. Now that sounds like my kind of chandelier!

Option #2… It was love at first sight when I spotted the pretty detail on this shade. I love that it has 4 lights (we have a dimmer installed but since I use the dining room for crafts sometimes a bright light is a necessity) and the reviews do not disappoint. The main complaint seems to be the time involved in stringing the crystals as it does not come assembled.  But hey, a gorgeous crystal chandelier for less than $200?! I don’t mind spending some extra time making it sparkle!

Finally, Option #3.  This was the first piece I actually fell in love with (and was what started my new crystal obsession…).  I loved the modern glam look of this guy.  I liked that it wasn’t too over the top glitzy with the white shade and had already made up my mind it was mine until I saw Option #1 and #2!  A reviewer did note however that the crystals on this chandy aren’t faceted so he may be a bit less sparkly than the other contenders.

This is my first and probably not my last crystal chandelier buying experience and I’m turning to my favorite readers for some advice.  Which chandelier would you chose and why?

I’ll let you know what we decide in a few days. Thanks in advance for all of your help!



2 thoughts on “Dining Room Chandelier Dilemma…

  1. Hi Tiffany! Thanks so much for commenting!! I completely agree with you – the more I sit and stare at them you couldn’t have said it any better… it’s 99% option #2! Thanks again – love your blog! :)

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