Storage Wars

Hubs and I have been spending almost every waking, non-working minute this week cleaning out our Storage Unit.  We’ve had our extra 10’x10′ cube of climate controlled space since before we moved (long story) and we just received notification that the price is once again increasing… sure it’s only going up $15 but that tiny increase moves the total monthly cost over the blank-hundred-and-fifty mark to the next higher number!! Sheesh! So we finally decided we are tired of throwing away money spending so much on things that could now be stored in our basement or garage and The Great Storage Unit Clean-Out of ’11 was created!

Our garage is now chock-full of furniture, boxes, couches (yes, more than one), a grouping of things to photograph and list on Craigslist, a pile of things to donate and lots of empty boxes and tape remains.  Ugh, I’d be lying if I said it the clutter wasn’t stressing me out but Hubs is very determined to find spaces for everything quickly (thanks Hubs!!) and I’m thrilled to have one less bill to pay each month!

Speaking of my Craigslist listings – can I interest you in a new accent table?? I love this guy, and he looked great in our previous entryway but unfortunately there’s just no good home for him here in the Palace. I’m sad to part with him…

How about some new dressers??? We also are listing our old home’s guest room furniture.  This set is rather old and pretty scratched BUT it could definitely be sanded and painted in a bright color for a child’s room (obviously I’m playing that up in my craigslist ad)…

And while we’re at it I also listed the light that was hanging over our island.   Yes, I made an impulse buy at Lowes last week and this guy is now long gone.

So fingers are crossed that these things I once loved find new homes in the next few days!

I’ve had some success with Craigslist, for starters Hubs and I scored a fabulous deal on our all-weather rattan deck furniture earlier this year.  I also posted a listing for free wood and managed to get rid of all of our old (aka rotted and worthless) decking instead of having to pay the trash company over $500 to remove it!  However I’ve been told I expect people to pay too much for things so we’ll see how this goes… :)

I’d love to hear about your great finds (and maybe price changes) on Craigslist! Have you had success listing items?


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