A Wreath for All Seasons…

I don’t have as much free time as I’d like for crafting and DIY projects but I made time after falling in love with this fabulous burlap bubble wreath on Pinterest.

I had never seen a wreath like this and just had to have it – there is something about burlap that I just adore! I looked thru the tutorial and it seemed easy enough, I just wanted to make a few modifications…

As described in Janet’s tutorial, you start by cutting your fabric into 4″ x 4″ squares.   I measured my first few pieces and then just kind of winged it from there.  Some were bigger, some were smaller, some were even rectangles, but in the end they all worked out fine.  Different sized bubbles help give your wreath character!

Next, you fold the square in half to form a triangle.  Take the right hand corner and bring it to the front.  Line up the corners, and then take the left hand corner and take it to the back and line up those corners.  At this point you start to get a bubble look and pin the ‘bubbles’ to the wreath.

I don’t know about other dogs but mine tries to eat everything so the thought of securing each burlap bubble with a straight pin worried me.  Heaven forbid a pin popped out and Caesar stepped on it, or even tried to eat it (!!!), I would feel completely horrible (to say the least!).  Instead, I decided to nix the more expensive than it should be foam wreath frame and create my own out of a hanger and chicken wire… the chicken wire would allow me to thread something thru the burlap bubbles and secure them firmly to the wire grid.

I chose to use green floral wire since I have so much of it, but you could also use a needle and thread.  I poked my floral wire thru the tip of each bubble, being sure that the wire went thru each of the 4 corners, like the pin, and then twisted that on to the chicken wire!  Sure, the back of my wreath is not the prettiest but who’s really going to see it besides me??

Don’t worry, I plan on gluing a piece of ribbon along the back to hide this eventually

Slowly but surely your bubble wreath starts to take shape.  I learned it looked best if I used more bubbles than I thought I needed for each area… I actually even went back once the whole wreath was completed and added about 20 additional bubbles to give it a fuller look.  I then attached a ribbon and hung it on the inside of my front door!

I love it and definitely think it adds a homey feel to the entryway! I plan on leaving the wreath up year round and adding seasonal accents to it… a poinsettia or two during Christmas, some pine cones during the winter months, you get the idea!  I also think this wreath would be super cute made with varying burlap colors or even fabrics other than burlap. The possibilities are endless!

Have you been inspired by anything off of Pinterest lately? I can’t help but pin a few bajillion ideas every time I log on!

I’ve linked up to Running with Glitter’s Link Party! Be sure to visit and check out some other fabulous DIYs!


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