Monday Morning Inspiration…

Anything can happen!

So, I can be a little crazy stressed sometimes.  I try to make a conscious effort to not always be OCD about things needing to go exactly as planned.  I try to roll with the punches and take things in stride as much as I can!  Well, I couldn’t believe a snow storm was on the way to our area while we were still wearing shorts and laying by the pool in Florida, but sure enough – it was!!  Of course I spent the last day of our vacation checking weather reports on my phone every 20 minutes and thought long and hard about changing our flights but Hubs and I agreed that whatever was meant to be would be and just stuck to our original plan of flying out of Orlando to Philly at 6:45 on Saturday night. We are very fortunate we made it home when we did as flights were being canceled left and right and there were many unhappy vacationers in at Orlando International. Some couldn’t get on a flight before November 1st!!! I felt awful them!

Our flight ended up being delayed only by about 25 minutes which was fabulous since the flights headed to Philly earlier in the day were each delayed about 4 hours!! The ride was not the smoothest and the landing – well, let’s just say fishtailing is not good in a car, let alone a plane (!!!) – but we made it! I did however totally regret my decision to only pack flip flops as I got out of the car Saturday night and stepped into about 4 inches of snow… yikes!!

Oh, and did I mention we had no power when we came home either?? My Mom brought little Caesar back home when we left the airport and sent me a ‘where are your flashlights and candles’ text.  We could only laugh about it at that point.  So lesson learned! As much as you plan for a trip (or a wedding, party, etc) you cannot control the weather. Thankfully Mother Nature left us with a nice consolation prize this morning though as the sight of autumn leaves and snow was just beautiful!

This is definitely the earliest snow storm I can remember and as a lover-of-winter-freak I hope it’s a sign of what our “official” winter season will be like this year!


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