Suitcase Spotters – an easy DIY

So to keep the vacation theme going I want to share the last project I did (with the help of my Mom) before we left.

After our last plane ride – when someone accidentally took my Husband’s suitcase from the baggage carousel and claimed it as their own for about 15 minutes – we knew something needed to be done about our uncommon black and red luggage sets. Both sets are in pretty decent shape so I couldn’t justify just buying a new set in a different color nor did I want to recover them or spend a lot of time making them unique. Instead, I wanted something cheap, quick and not permanent… that’s when the pom came to mind. I quickly ran out to Jo-Ann’s for the brightest yarn I could find and got started!

I obviously chose a Ken and Barbie-esque color scheme for my poms…

We pulled the yard right out from the scane and started wrapping it around two fingers.  We wrapped and wrapped and then wrapped some more… I wanted these suckers as big and pouffy as possible.  The farther away from our suitcases we could see these guys, the better!

When we thought they were thick enough we cut the yarn. We then cut another piece, about a foot long, and tied it tightly around the middle a few times.

Then the fun part… we cut the two ends and violla…

A big, bright  suitcase pom!

The finished product – 3 pink poms for me and 2 blue ones for Hubby! We didn’t cut the blue ones and left them ‘loopy’ instead… I thought it looked more manly!

And if you don’t have an upcoming trip planned, no worries! Poms just aren’t for traveling, you can make one for your pooch, too! I attached this one to Caesar’s collar just for a few minutes since it looked so stinkin’ cute!!

You can see one of our poms in action in this photo.. and don’t worry, we were traveling with friends so these suitcases are not all ours :)

After our crazy airport drama caused by Snowtober our poms REALLY came in handy! Seven flights landed about the same time ours did and there was only one baggage carousel working… despite the crowds we were still able to spot and see our poms as soon as our bags came off the plane!

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