Beach Inspired Decor and a New Way to Follow!

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I have to find a nice spot on my page to place this little guy but until I do, I’ll just post it here and at the end of each post. Thanks again Jenifer for your suggestion!! I appreciate it!!

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So as I mentioned earlier this week Hubs and I just spent a week in warm, sunny Florida and we stayed at the most fabulous resort for the first few days, Hyatt Siesta Key. I cannot say enough good things about this place! This particular Hyatt is a Residence Club which means it is a fractional ownership property, aka timeshare, but since all of the Residences have not yet been sold, it is currently operating also as a hotel.

The Residences consist of 2 Bedroom Condos, all decked out in the most high-end appliances and fixtures you could ever imagine. I’m not at all exaggerating when I say that – I mean, the toilet seat was even heated!! (TMI??)  Between a Wolf range, a Sub Zero Fridge, a Keurig, an Espresso Maker, three (yes, 3) amazing full baths, a balcony with a dining area and fabulous decor we all felt like royalty – and that’s only in our condo’s walls! Step outside and you have full access to the hot tub, pool, cabanas with TVs, firepit (with a s’mores kit you can buy at night!), bikes, kayaks, beach chairs and umbrellas… you name it and the Hyatt has already thought about it.  Yes, it’s a smidge pricey, but split with another couple – or two (did I mention the ‘den’ area has a huge pull out bed..?!?!) – and the price is very reasonable for everything it includes.

Just look at how our condo was decorated… I think I was more excited about these pieces than I was to be on vacation!! (shh…don’t tell my Hubby that!). What I love is that although the place obviously had a super beachy feel you don’t need a beach house to decorate like this! Practically all of the pieces below could be used in both modern and traditional styled homes located miles and miles from the ocean.

It was love at first site when I spotted this chandelier over the kitchen table – modern and elegant, yet still fun at the same time!

If you look behind the light above you spot this gorgeous mirror and pair of lamps. Though the turquoise lamp bases help give the mirror a tropical feel, this guy is almost exactly what I’m looking for to place over my brick fireplace in my home!

Next up is the living room… the first thing I fell in love with is that piece behind the couch! It gives such a fabulous texture to a fairly neutral room.  I almost feel this is DIY-able… I’m thinking a really wide chicken wire (much, much nicer of course) flattened out and molded into almost a wave shape and then spray painted…?? hmmm…. Again, it has a very beachy look to it, but it was made of metal and could easily be placed behind a couch anywhere! Also, look at those lamps on each side of the couch – how awesome is it that the base lights up too??

This unique sconce was placed on the wall opposite the couch to the right of the TV… Personally, being a bit obsessed with symmetry I would have preferred there be two flanking both sides of the TV but they did not ask my opinion. I would love this piece in my own home – I love the light it puts off onto the wall behind it. Again, there in Florida it looks like the trunk of a palm tree – here in PA I’d just think it was a beautiful sconce with a lot of texture!

Finally, my favorite room in the entire condo – the master bathroom.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know I’ve been looking for some Master Bath inspiration (we’re hoping to start our remodel early next year).  Well, I don’t have to keep looking because I have finally found my dream bathroom.  Feast your eyes on this beauty…

Ohhh, this bathroom is every girl’s (and maybe guy’s) dream!! Look at those gorgeous vessel sinks and all that storage underneath – the makeup mirror was a medicine cabinet, too! Did you spot the TV in the center… very nice and understated, and that little makeup vanity area – I had no idea how badly I need this feature until last week. Does anyone have something like this and not love it??  I must have spent 2 hours sitting there one night primping just because I could!  This vanity could not have been set up any nicer for two people and I’m anxious to recreate it’s amazing-ness in my own master bath!!

Well I hope the gorgeous photos above help to inspire you like they did me.  I think it’s good to remember that just because a piece of furniture or a decoration has a certain feel to it, be it beachy, super modern or very vintage – bottom line is if you love it you can definitely make it work in your own home and you shouldn’t be afraid to try – those are the kinds of things that make a house a home!

Do you have any pieces someone swore would not work in your home’s decor that everyone now loves?!?

As an FYI I was not encouraged or sponsored by Hyatt Siesta Key Beach – A Hyatt Residence Club to write this review nor was I compensated in any way. I just wanted to help others with some decor (and maybe vacation) ideas!

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