Festive Fridays

Welcome to the first official installment of Festive Fridays!

This week I had every intention of featuring my new burlap stockings but I got sidetracked (what else is new) after a trip to Homegoods where I fell in love with this winter-y apothecary jar.  I loved the shape and there were only 2 left so I quickly threw it into my cart and didn’t think twice about it.
Once I got this bad boy home I realized the winter-y decoration was actually attached to and secured to the jar by a ribbon.  Hold up – did I just buy this gorgeous apothecary jar for only $10 and I can take this decoration off and use it year round?!?  You might have thought I just won the lottery or something with how happy this made me.  This easy, festive ‘fix’ got me thinking… the ribbon accent appears easy enough to make…what else can I add this to?!?

So, surprise!  I headed out to Joann’s late one night for a get-in, get-out type trip. I didn’t waste spend time looking around and went only to the two aisles I needed, holiday doo-dads (you know the aisle, the one in the floral section with all the pretty, glittery accents for gift wrapping, wreaths, etc.) and the glue aisle – I already had left over ivory satin ribbon from Target. Surprisingly in just 8 minutes flat I was in and out of Joann’s… may be my quickest trip to date!

I then simply cut a piece of ribbon to size – I made sure it was large enough to tie around something – and then cut a hole in the middle to secure my holly (aka doo-dad) to.

Not knowing exactly where I planned on using this guy, I folded the holly stem to allow for it to ‘clip’ on to things as well since it was a bit heavy for the ribbon.  I added some tacky glue between the holly and the ribbon and was ready to start experimenting.

First up, the candlesticks on my mantle… here’s how they currently look:

 and with a little festiveness they become this…
 I simply tied the ribbon around the base of the candle – easy breezy!! I didn’t plan on leaving the ribbon hanging in the back but really liked how this looked! You can of course tie it so that it is not seen.  You can also use different colored ribbons and could even use multiple ribbons for even different effects.
 Here’s a side view so you can see how I simply tied the ribbon around the candle and left the ends hang loose.

Let’s not stop at candles, you can also tie this guy around your favorite wreath to add a little festiveness! Remember my burlap bubble wreath from a few weeks back…? Look at him now!
 One easy new accessory and this guy is ready for the Holidays!

I can’t wait to purchase some more and different holiday doo-dads on my next trip to the craft store so I can make a few more.  With this project taking less than about 5 minutes to put together there’s no reason not to!  I think they’d be a great addition to lamp shades, frames, vases, the list goes on!

Where would you use this festive ribbon accent??

Today I linked up to The Inspiration Board at Carolyn’s Homework… be sure to visit her party for other festive ideas!


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