Festive Fridays

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?! I wanted to add a few more accents to my dining room buffet before hosting next week (eeeek!) so today’s Festive Friday includes something that can be adapted to any season and used year round!

Meet my new twine wrapped bottle:
I have always loved the look of these and the texture they add.  Better yet, this guy was quite easy to put together and everything needed for it most likely is already in your home (especially if your Hubby has a Perrier obsession like mine does!)

I started by gathering what I needed:

  • a pretty empty bottle
  • twine
  • glue (hot glue is a bit easier to work with if you’re in a hurry)
  • scissors
  • an accent for the finished bottle *optional

Now it’s time to start wrapping! Starting at the bottom of the bottle, secure the end of your twine with some glue. If you have patience time to let it sit and dry you can use any kind of regular glue, but since I just could not wait to start wrapping I kept pulling the twine too tight and it kept popping off.  That’s when I whipped out my hot glue and started using that.
Hmmm… what about the label on the bottle?? Well, I started by trying to remove it. No matter how hard I try I’m never good at this part (anyone have any great label removing tips they’d like to share?!). Thankfully, the label can stay!! As long as you pull your twine taught enough and secure it every so often with glue there should be no slipping and your label is not at all seen – whew, crisis averted!

Keep wrapping! I found it easier to put the bottle on a table once I got closer to the top.  The twine starts to slip a bit when the bottle starts getting narrower.  This is the point where I started applying a thin strip of hot glue after every row or so to keep my twine in place, it does get a smidge time consuming but I was afraid the twine would slip or gap every time I moved it!
Almost there!  Around the bottle cap area I noticed just wrapping the twine like I had caused it to stick out a bit and make the top very noticeable. Personally, I didn’t like this look so instead I applied glue to the ripple parts of the bottle and untwisted the twine as I wrapped it and pushed it into the ripple/glue.  This helped the top look more streamlined with the rest of the bottle. Don’t forget to pull really tight at this part and secure the end piece with glue!
And there you have it, a newly wrapped bottle you can decorate for any season!  I’m planning on leaving it un-decorated for Thanksgiving since I love the texture of it but I can’t wait to spruce it up for Christmas!  I love how it looks with this poinsettia accent from the craft store:

And it looks great paired with un-wrapped glass:
 It can even be placed on a red charger with snow-like glass marbles as a centerpiece:
 And my personal favorite, used as a taper candle holder!
I love how it can be adapted for almost anything!
How would you decorate this twine covered bottle??

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