Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’ve been waiting all year for today.  My favorite holiday… THANKSGIVING!!

Why is it my favorite you may be asking…? Well, for starters I love carbs food and second of all, it’s the day that officially marks the start of the Holiday season!!  Of course I love Christmas as well but around 8pm on Christmas night, no matter how much fun I may have had that day, I can’t help but feel sad and blue that the holidays are over…

Come 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving night and I am feeling awesome!! Sure I’m probably also feeling about 15 pounds heavier and am exhausted BUT I’m excited to shop and decorate the next day (love Black Friday!), watch Home Alone (a Thanksgiving night tradition) and have a tiny plate of Turkey Day leftovers (my Uncle’s stuffing recipe is actually the best when it’s cold)!!

See, Greatest. Day. Ever!

Here’s our dining room since we are hosting this year!

We’re using alternating gold and brown napkins with shell napkin rings… on our good china of course (any excuse to use it!!)
Our centerpiece is a beautiful cornucopia my late Mother-in-Law made.
Our buffet is accented with my new Keep Calm and Gobble on print (thank you once again, Pinterest)
And the buffet is just waiting to be filled with yummy pies and sweets!

I’m thankful once again for a fabulous year with my husband, family and friends.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful day as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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