Festive Fridays

Today could be considered the most Festive Friday of the entire year – Black Friday!! I’m amazed that the stores keep opening up earlier and earlier each year and maybe even a bit more amazed that so many people actually go and shop at those hours! I am not a morning person so unless there’s something I absolutely need, I don’t venture out till after my morning coffee.

We have our own Black Friday tradition here at Caesar’s Palace  – we decorate! Practically overnight our home changes from Festive Fall to Winter Wonderland.  I love opening our millions of boxes of Christmas decorations and seeing all the little items that remind me of past Holidays – and even better, finding things I forgot I had and getting excited about them all over again!!

The highlight of today is putting up one of our two trees… the Mother of all artificial trees that stands at a nice 11′.  He was new last year and literally took about 5 good hours to put together and properly ‘poof’ so here’s hoping we’re pros at tree assembly this year and can shave some minutes or hours, pleaseeee off our time!  (I’d love to accomplish more than just the tree today!)

We like to top off our Black Friday by watching Love, Actually, with some hot cocoa by the light of the tree – it definitly gets us in the Christmas spirit!!

Do you have any Black Friday traditions??

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