Renovations at the Palace!

We purchased our home over a year ago with a finished basement. However, the basement was not completely to code since it didn’t have a second way to escape in case of a fire, aka an egress window. We decided we wanted to have one installed since we can see ourselves, and any future kids, etc., taking advantage of the space and spending possibly extended periods of time down there – we want it to be as safe as can be!

Well, we’ve had an egress window in the making for over a year now… long story short, our previous contractor disappeared and left us with a hole in the backyard and much less money in our pockets. We have reached out to both the Better Business Bureau and our local Consumer Protection Agency and no one can find him!

Needless to say the whole situation left us with a very poor opinion of contractors and a bit weary to get the job completed at all!  Since the last contractor actually made cuts in the foundation before jumping ship we figured we needed to bite the bullet and get the job completed before winter… we had to bail out after the hurricane this year, I can only imagine the damage snow and ice could do.

Our new contractor hired to complete the job appeared much more reliable and assured us he would have the job completed in one day.  We wanted to believe him but couldn’t help but assume things would not go as planned.  Well, imagine our surprise last night when Hubby took the trash out and was greeted by an 18 wheeler with a back hoe taking up a decent chunk of road in front of our house!! The pic is dark, I know, but we had to take one – we couldn’t help but laugh about it and were relieved to know they’d actually be there when they said they would (though a bit of warning about the back hoe wouldn’t have hurt…)

Thank goodness I was clothed semi-presentable at 7:12 am this morning when the doorbell rang as three men were there waiting to come into our home. Another plus, the forecasted rain for the entire east coast appears to be holding off for the time being!  Still, there’s nothing quite as soothing as the quiet hum of a back hoe as you enjoy your morning coffee…

Jokes aside, we are thrilled this year-long project will finally be completed and that our faith in contractors may be restored…


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