Festive Fridays

Happy December!!!  Our home is justttt about fully decorated for the Holidays.  I LOVE sitting by the glow of the tree at night… it’s so cozy!!  We’re hoping to finish everything up this weekend and get the boxes packed away again so we can fully enjoy it all!

For some reason I am on a HUGE Fair Isle kick… I just can’t get enough of the print (I’m still dying for this sweater from American Eagle are you reading this Hubby?!?) so of course I am madly in love with this blanket and throw set by Martha at Macy’s this year.

Be still my heart… I just love it! So cozy, so pretty, so much fair isle!! Well, of course the blanket is practically impossible to track down right now!  It’s not online and it’s not in any of the 5 Macy’s near our home (it’s not like I went to all of these Macy’s just for the blanket, that’d be silly… right??), and I really wanted the pillows AND blanket. However, I may have found a way to help myself get over this gorg Martha set…
Yes, that’s my new pillow!
It all started a few days ago when I fell almost as equally in love with this fabric at Jo-Ann’s as the Martha set!  Not fair isle per-say but definitely red, white and festive!

I quickly purchased 4 yards of this bad boy and 8 yards of this beautiful white and silver cord piping, I figured it would make for some pretty pillows!  I like to make pillow cases as opposed to actual pillows because I love being able to change the look of our pillows for every season.   I’m hoping I can pull these off as ‘winter-y’ and not just ‘Christmas’ but we’ll have to see….

So for this faux-fair-isle-pillowcase project you will need only a few supplies:

    • fabric
    • a pillow to cover
    • piping/trim (optional)
    • sewing machine
    • straight pins
    • scissors

First I made sure that the fabric would fit around the pillow length wise and have enough of a flap for the pocket in the back then I cut the fabric a few inches wider than my pillow.  I then sewed a small, quick hem line at the bottom to serve as the finished side of the back pocket flap.

Someone else wanted to help me!

Since I was using piping for this pillow I needed to sew each side together.  In the above, you’ll see the top and bottom edges were the spots the fabric was folded around the pillow.  I placed straight pins in the flap area so that those pieces were pinned together and carefully slid the pillow out.  I then cut the top and bottom seams open so I’d be able to lay my piping and still have an easy way to change my pillowcase by way of the flap!  Since a picture is usually much more helpful to me than words:
 Once all four edges were open I carefully laid my piping in between the two ‘good’ sides of the fabric and pinned it in place.  This particular piping was pretty tiny and was a bit more tedious to work with since the edges kept wanting to curl.  An important thing to remember about piping is that to get the corners nice and pretty the piping should be one continuous strand around the entire pillow!  Don’t ask how I know that…
Now it’s time to start sewing!  I ended up sewing my first edge twice since I wasn’t getting as close to the piping as I’d have liked.  I’d always rather have to sew a bit closer to it a second time than rip out a seam that was too close, or in it!  Because I’m always a bit cautious I pinned out and sewed one edge at a time leaving the piping hanging until I was ready for the next edge. I also tuned the fabric right-side out in between each edge just to double check. When it was time for the next edge I carefully tuned the piping about 90 degrees and pinned it down to make a nice corner.
 Four edges and piped corners later and I was done! I laid out my pillow case and trimmed the corners so that they’d lay nicely once the pillow was inside.  If you look close you can see the spots I needed to ‘touch up’ by getting a bit closer to the piping.
Now flip your pillow case right side out, use that nice flap to stuff your pillow in and admire those corners you worked so hard on!
I’m hoping to make one more pillowcase this size and perhaps a smaller accent one this weekend. I just LOVE the print and think the piping really pulls it all together. I can’t wait to use this pillowcase for many Holidays to come!

Have you make pillowcases to change with season? And more importantly, do you have any other tips for working with piping??

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