Palace Renovation Drama!

Remember that faith I had lost in all contractors..?

Well, I gained a little of it back last week – the men working here on our egress window were very nice and friendly and also seemed to taking the time to do things correctly – I supplied them with munchkins, coffee and water and my only request was to not cut any wires since we have surround sound and an alarm system down there.

Well, that little bit of faith we regained was lost again when we saw the way they left our basement!!  Now, yes we did agree to frame the window out on our own on the inside… however we did not expect them to leave the window looking like this….

We at least thought the window itself would be free of studs and drywall and ready to be framed.  I guess we again expected too much!  Our contractor said they did not want to make any additional work for the person who would be framing out the window and umm, I think they instead should have said ‘we don’t want to make any additional work for ourselves!!’  Plus I’d think the lack of space here would actually make their job installing the window harder. Not to mention the fact that two of the 4 wires I asked them to try and not cut were cut… they were also stuffed down behind the drywall in an attempt to hide them it seems as they did not mention to us they cut them.  Uggggh.  I completely hate confrontation and have no real intention of voicing my issues to them but it still makes me mad that people think it’s alright to charge a very large sum of money and treat people this way.

Oh well… my wonderful Dad and I made some great progress on our framing project while Hubby was at work yesterday.  We removed the drywall, studs and insulation that was blocking the window and I’m hoping I can just repair the wires tomorrow. They are just speaker wires so I thinkkkk you can just splice them back together (that may not be the right word…).  Hopefully the friendly guys at Radio Shack can help me with my questions…
I’m already thinking of ways to decorate this new window well.  I have a large bamboo blind that I’m hoping will fit the dimensions of this guy once he is finished.   I’ll be honest – I’m not 100% in love with the grey plastic we’ll be starting at for years to come however my trusty friend Google let me know about this… can you believe they make decorative ivy wallpaper for out there?! And can you believe I kind of like it!??

I guess I should focus on getting this window looking like a window before I go decorating it…

And good tips for window framing?? Please let me know!!

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