1 week down, 51 to go…

So far me and 2012… let’s just say we have not hit it off yet.

For once I was actually super excited for New Years.  Usually sad to see the past year end I was surprisingly looking forward to make some resolutions, organizing, changing some paint colors and starting the year on a healthy and positive foot!

Well, on New Year’s Day my husband’s Pop-Pop took a bit of a tumble and ended up in the hospital with a broken pelvis.  He is a proud, independent, 89-year-old veteran who until this point has been living on his own but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that is an option to him anymore. Sooo in between visits at the hospital we’ve started thinking about potential long-term care arrangements and ugh, it is not something easy, or comforting, to think about.  We’re feeling the pressure since this decision is left up to my dear Hubby as his Parents are no longer with us and he is essentially the only next of kin (we are both only children).  I like to think everything will work out in the end but until we get to that point there are many restless night and long conversations in our future…

On a much lighter note, this weekend is my BFF’s Baby Shower!! I cannot wait to spend the day with her, her family and our friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her little boy!!  I feel like I have been thinking about this for the longest time but on the flip side I can’t believe the big day is already here.  Today will be spent putting the finishing touches on decor, games and favors and some last minute errands (see ya later split ends) but I cannot wait to share some pictures from her special day!

Have a great weekend!


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