Gallery Wall – Part 1!

It takes a lot of convincing for me to hang things on our walls… Hubby jokes that I’ve been known to have panic attacks while holding a hammer and nail to a wall… it’s the kind of joke you laugh about because it sounds ridiculous and crazy but deep down inside know its unfortunately true!! I’ve spent months drooling over different gallery walls on Pinterest but was never quite sure I could re-create one I’d like just as much. Flash forward to a great Black Friday sale on frames at Jo-Anns and possibly too many cups of coffee and I had no more excuses not to give our own little gallery wall a shot.

I have been looking to find a way to utilize the triangular wall under our stairway. It’s the main entry hallway in our home and directly across from the powder room, so it’s a pretty high traffic area…I thought a gallery wall would be just the thing to make this space homey and welcoming!
I loved the look of these gallery walls I found on Pinterest:

From The Handmade Homemaker (her framed hearts are sooo cute!)

And the amazing stairwell Holly & her Hubby created at Nothing But Bonfires. Go look at it, for real! Amaaaaaazing!

One of my favorites was this one from Nikki’s blog Project Home, I just loved how the frames flowed together and that it looked clean and un-cluttered. Nikki also had a little How-To on creating her gallery wall like the one above which I used ideas from to lay mine out before putting the dreaded holes in the wall!

I purchased about 15 frames from Jo-Ann’s (buy one get one free Black Friday sale!). Since I knew the photos I chose would be a mix of colors and black & whites I wanted simple, black frames. After my mini-shopping spree I came home with the following size frames:
4 8″ x 8″
4 8.5″ x 11″
3 11″x 14″
5 5″ x 7″

I then decided to use the happy photos that come in the frames as templates. I just took them out of the frames and put a piece of tape on them and started arranging. I used blue ribbon to lay out the area I wanted to fill with photos and started taping. A few minutes hours later I had a few different layouts to chose from.

Option #1

Option #2
Option #3

Option #4
(have no fear, my scary ’13’ cutout [our anniversary] did not make the cut)

You best believe these (and 6 other) iPhone pics were sent to my Hubby as he was at work…poor guy, he had no idea what was going on at home! But when he finally did come home he helped me make the final decision..

Please be sure to check back and see which layout we picked and how our wall looks now!


Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!!

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