Oh, hello there!

This poor, poooooor little blog has gotten no love in about 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, there’s no fancy excuse – we didn’t just return from a fabulous vacation and weren’t spending time on a crazy DIY renovation – just that life has gotten in the way.  2012 has not at all started like I thought it would and I may or may not have thrown myself quite a pity party the last few weeks.  There have been family members in the hospital (Pop-Pop), surgeries (my Dad), stomach bugs (my Husband), skin biopsy results to wait for (me – ugh), houses to clean out and sell, nursing home decisions to be made (both Pop-Pop) and many sleepless nights (everyone!), but I’m trying to put the January blahs behind me and start fresh in February.

A great deal of our ‘free’ time has flown out the window as of late but I’m still hoping to accomplish a few things during the month – heck I even get an extra day to do it (thank you, leap year!) so I have no excuse, right?! There a room that still needs painting, a kitchen table that needs refinishing, a pretty end table I have big plans for and even an entryway closet that needs a major makeover (I’m waiting to see what Shelley does with hers until I tackle my own!).  If I can get the first three things accomplished and have a rough idea what I’m doing with the fourth I will be a happy girl.  The two week break from running I’m being forced to take due to the stitches in my toe (why thank you tanning beds of my teenage era) should give me some extra time as well.

Thanks for being an honorary attendee to my pity party!  I feel much better :)


Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!!

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