Mini Kitchen Remodel Take 1

Hi. My name is Jenn and I have a confession.  I’m a chronic-project-starter.  Perhaps I get this not so wonderful trait from my Dad (sorry Daddy!) but it’s true… just when I’m nearing the end of a project I get excited about the next and just start it.  I reason with myself, promising to finish the almost-completed-project the next day but who am I kidding, I get so into the new project that I just can’t focus on the previous one.

This tiny character flaw came to light once again on President’s Day – there’s something about holidays that make Hubs and I walk around Home Depot – if you’re thinking there’s no way this can end well – you’re right!  We went for two things… replacement light bulbs for our landscape lighting and paint for our kitchen table (note, paint and poly are the final steps of the kitchen table remodel!!)

Fast forward 3 hours and we have a cart full of odds and ends, have picked out a new storm door and have 4 paint samples for the kitchen walls. Needless to say we almost walked out without the 2 things we specifically went for!  Now, no where was repainting the kitchen super high on our list of to-do’s but then this happened….

and this…
and finally this…
 This little abstract art is also featured on 3 other walls in the kitchen so there is officially no turning back… it’s kitchen painting time!  After hours spent researching ‘the perfect gray’ (Who would have thought gray would be such a difficult color to find… there are hundreds of blue grays, green grays, even yellow-y grays), numerous little sample cans purchased and even some twitter feedback (Thanks Shelli!) we may finally have a winner….

As anxious as I am to get this new hue up on the walls I’m trying my hardest to tie up the last few projects that are jjjjuuussssttt about finished before I do…. it is NOT easy!


One thought on “Mini Kitchen Remodel Take 1

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