Mini Kitchen Remodel Take 2

Our updated kitchen is slowly coming along and we are justtt about nearing the homestretch! It’s hard to have what is probably the most used/seen house in our home in a constant state of clutter but I know it will be worth it in the end.   Let’s review our kitchen to-do list:

  • repaint the ceiling hate painting ceilings, but this one wasn’t bad!
  • repaint the walls in LOVE with Benny Moore’s Gray Owl
  • replace the backsplash (this one is crossed out only because we’ve reconsidered it… we’d rather use the $600 for tile on new hardwoods in the family room… plus our current tile looks great with the new paint)
  • re-finish Hubby’s Parent’s kitchen table (this one is about 75% of the way done – I’m taking my time since I’ve never painted furniture before but it’s not that bad!)
  • new window treatment (buy? make? blinds? valance?)
  • accessorize!

So we are getting there! Thankfully, the ladder and paint supplies are put away and we’re not too embarrassed if we have company (aka the sample wall no longer needs an explanation)

We can’t wait to be done with this one!


One thought on “Mini Kitchen Remodel Take 2

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