Spring Has Sprung!

I don’t know about where you live but thanks to this week’s gorgeous weather I have Spring Fever out that wazoo! Every window in the house has been opened on a daily basis and our lovely little buds are in full bloom
…take a look!

Imageour pretty Daffodils in the front of the house….

Imageeven our hyacinths are blooming…

Imagesooo…I think these are dandelion weeds BUT right now they just look like pretty blooming flowers to me!

Imageand my favorite, the Daffodils at night! I love how the landscape lights are like a little spotlight on these guys.

I am trying my hardest to wait till the official first day of Spring to pull out the spring wreath and decor but if this nice weather keeps up it’s going to be hard…

Looks like this will be tough for me!

Have you decorated your home for Spring yet?


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