Product Review – Edge-n-Roll – Painting without taping?!?

Between this, this and finishing up some other random rooms in our home (details to follow..!!) I’ve been doing a lot of painting!  So when I saw this bad boy in my local Home Depot you can bet I did a double take.
 Sure, I love to tape as much as the next girl (le sigh) but the idea of not taping and have a nice paint roller finish, quickly and easily, sounds too good to be true!  But the package said so, so I bought it – with dreams of cutting-in our kitchen in just about 20 minutes…
 Well… an hour later I was still cutting-in, ugh!!

The Edge-n-Roll caught my eye in the paint supply aisle. I’ve purchased edgers and corner edgers before and never really liked them, but after looking over the packaging I thought this sounded like a great idea and didn’t see how it couldn’t work!

For about $15 the kit contained a paint tray, re-usable roller handle and a throw-away small double roller (which I managed to wash and re-use twice).  The concept is simple; fill the paint tray, get a small amount of paint on the rollers and just roll it around your trim, chair rails, etc.  One side of the roller has a thin metal guide that is supposed to slide along the trim and allow the roller to paint a straight line right alongside it.

I actually really liked the design – the whole piece fit quite comfortably in my hand and I loved that the handle could rotate to fit in any space and go any direction.  Here is how the website shows the roller working…

But in actuality, here’s how my Edge-n-Roll performed…

Here, I used the Edge-n-Roll against my kitchen cabinets.  If you look closely where the wall meets the cabinet you’ll notice a tiny strip of the old paint color peeking through.

I obtained the same result using the roller underneath our chair rail. Unfortunately, I was never able to achieve that perfect edge that the Edge-n-Roll advertises.

Thankfully, I didn’t throw $15 right down the drain.  I found that I could take a tiny paintbrush (we’re talking the paint-by-numbers kind) and fairly easily fill in the strip the Edge-n-Roll did not cover.   More work than I anticipated, yes, but at least I didn’t have to tape and re-do everything!

All in all, I think I spent the same amount of time cutting-in with my Edge-n-Roll and tiny paintbrush method as I would have had I just taped from the start. Maybe even a smidge more! So if the Edge-n-Roll catches your eye next time you’re in the paint aisle fight the urge to purchase it… unless you want to brush up on your paint-by-numbers skills as well!

Sorry Edge-n-Roll, you’re a great idea but need a little work.


3 thoughts on “Product Review – Edge-n-Roll – Painting without taping?!?

  1. I love this little tool. They don’t have at the Home Depot anymore, so I bought an Acubrush online. That thing sucks. I used it one time and just threw it back in the box. I couldn’t remember the name of this tool and paid the price.

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