A Pinteresting Mother’s Day Brunch!

Good Morning – remember me? I apologize for being MIA again but things got very busy here for a while! I’m hoping to be able to update this at least a few times a week going forward.

Moving on! I wanted to recap our Mother’s Day because I cooked my Mom a delicious brunch with two recipes I found on Pinterest!  I don’t know about you but I am always pinning recipes… I haven’t even made 1/4 of  what I’ve pinned but for the most part they’ve all been pretty tasty.  For some reason the 2 recipes I chose for brunch were like “OMG” type of good and definitely something I think everyone needs to make!

First up was the Cinnamon French Toast Bake… I mean, who doesn’t love french toast?? THIS particular french toast was made with cinnamon rolls instead of bread.

Be still my heart.

You can find the recipe here from What’s Cooking, Love?  I personally am not a fan of pecans so did not include them in my version but wow, the four of us nearly finished the whole thing!


Since we obviously were going to be meeting our daily carb needs before noon that day I wanted my second dish to be a bit more healthy and full of protein so I found a Ham and Cheese Frittata recipe that I tweaked a bit to make it something everyone (cough, cough, my husband!) would enjoy.

I won’t list the ingredients out for you because Jenny from Picky-Palate did a fabulous job with that here but I will show you how mine turned out.


This particular recipe did help us determine that our electric cook top (which we think might have been original to the house) will probably need to be replaced in the not too distant future.  This frittata was sitting on the burner for a good 15 minutes before se started to see any signs of ‘cooking’… which can’t be normal!! However the broiler seems to be working just fine as it browned the top a bit more than I’d hoped for. Oh well thankfully everyone still enjoyed it! I rounded out these two deeelish entrees with some sausage, hash browns and mixed fruit that my Mom brought!  Thankfully it was a beautiful day here on the East Coast and we got to enjoy our brunch outside on the deck.

Hopefully you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, too!

PS – I’ll have a tutorial for our new kitchen chalkboard posted soon!


Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!!

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