Chalkboard DIY!

We have been loving our new kitchen chalkboard!  It’s fun to be able to leave little notes for each other and have a cute backdrop for photos noting holidays, celebrations, etc.  It also has been getting a lot of attention from guests at our home lately – however I’ve been getting some puzzled looks when I answer the ‘Where’d you get it?” question.
…What, you mean you’ve never made a chalkboard out of an end table?!?

I’ve mentioned before that Hubby and I have inherited a lot of things from our family, unfortunately, about 95% is not ‘our style’ but we can’t bring ourselves to actually get rid of anything.
I’ve been trying very hard lately to find ways to incorporate more of these items into our home and the shape of this tabletop caught my eye a few weeks ago.

I knew I did not have a need for another end table in our home but I was itching to find a good frame for a chalkboard.  I figured the top of this table was even better than a frame and started plotting my plan of attack  – knock off the legs and get this sucker coated with chalkboard paint and hung on the wall!  Hubby was definitely not seeing the same vision as I was but he is a wonderful guy… he just humored me and went to Jo-Ann’s for my paint.  So I turned this guy upside down and got started!

I started by carefully removing the legs, I love the detail on them and wanted to save them for another possible project!
Since I wanted the piece to hang flush against the wall I also removed these little wooden triangles…I just tapped them with the hammer and they flew came right off.
Next, I sanded the top to remove the shiny finish and rough up the surface a bit.
Then I used some spackle to fill in the nicks and scratches,
and primed it a few times to get it ready to be painted.

I had some white semi-gloss left over so decided to paint the pretty edges in that and use my new $6 tub of black chalkboard paint on the rest…As an FYI, I had to use quite a few coats of this paint to really get that matte, streak free chalkboard type look.

But before too long our new chalkboard was ready for it’s big debut in the kitchen!

I love our new chalkboard and love even more than we are repurposing some pieces from our family’s past!

** As of February 20, 2013, I just submitted this post to Creating with the Stars!!  Very exciting and my fingers are crossed **

Please be sure to visit East Coast Creative for more information about this exciting contest!


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