Spending the Rainy Day Fund on a HOT Day…

The Hubs and I were quite unpleasantly surprised when we turned our air conditioner on on Memorial Day Weekend and it only blew out warm air.  It was hot,  the chairs were sticking to the floors and sleeping was less than enjoyable the first night. So we changed the filter and watched some youtube videos showing us how to clean the coils nothing helped!  We cancelled our BBQ (I’d feel like a horrible hostess if my guests were sweating!!) packed up Caesar’s suitcase and sent him to Gammy’s and spent the majority of our time in the basement where it was at least less than 80 degrees.

We called first thing Tuesday morning and hoped the service man that arrived around 6 o’clock that night would be the answer to our prayers but in all honestly – it felt like a nightmare when he said there was nothing he could do and that we needed to consider replacing the unit… ummm hello $$$$$!!  My dreams of new hardwood floors and finally starting our master bathroom project flew out of my head faster than you can imagine.  I may or may not have cried right there on the front step but this is one of those ‘joys of home ownership’, right?

We got a few estimates over the next few days and the contractors are here as I type installing our new ‘Infinity’ system. I honestly cannot complain about the weather – we lucked out that temperatures have really struggled to get past 75 since June started. BUT talk about major sticker shock when it comes to replacing both your AC and Furnace… we had estimates that ranged from $7K to $16K!?! Thank goodness I’m able to put the total on our Disney Visa and earn some reward points for our upcoming trip – makes losing the hardwood floor fund I’ve been working so hard on a little easier.  I’m trying to see the silver lining here  :) Here are some other benefits of a broken A/C…

McDonald’s McCafes!!
These actually hold a silly place in our hearts for the Hubs and I.  Ever since getting our Keurig we’ve lost our desire to go out for coffee.  But we were obsessed with these when we were selling our house. Whenever we had a last minute showing we’d pile into the car (with the dog, his crate, toys and the occasional pile of laundry that wasn’t yet put away) and drive to Mc-y D’s for a yummy caramel frappe to enjoy while we drove around for a bit looking at houses.  By the time our large frappes were done we headed home and schlepped all of our stuff back into the house.  This time we actually got a frappe or three because we were so hot and tired & needed a little pick me up!  I forgot how good they are!!

An empty beach!
When you’re just trying to escape the heat and humidity of your house you don’t care if it’s sunny! We headed down to the shore one afternoon and couldn’t believe how empty it was.  Granted it was pretty cool and windy that day but it felt SO good to us!  We enjoyed a fun little lunch on the sand and even caught a glimpse of the Jersey Shore boys hanging out on their roof deck.

Fried Oreos!
When you’re at the beach, you have to stop on the boardwalk for some snacks!  Fried Oreos (and pizza and orangeade) can always make me feel better!

 I’m looking forward to sleeping a little bit better tonight and maybe even feeling a bit chilly?!  Call me crazy but I’m equally as excited to get started on our hardwood floor fund again…


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