Little Caesar goes to the Beach!

My little family decided to head to the shore yesterday!  It was a hot, humid, cloudy day at home but thankfully the beach was sunny and pleasant!

We’ve taken Caesar with us before but this was his longest beach day by far – we were there a good 5 hours!  I know he can’t really tell us, but I think these pictures show he may have had the greatest day of all time…

All packed and ready (we bring just as much for Caesar as we do for us…)Parked and waiting patiently in our tote for the hike to the ocean to startLaying on the blanket taking it all in…You know, just laying here relaxing…Yes, this is a very sandy little AffenpinscherKeeping a close eye on a new seagull friend…And very sad to leave!

Caesar learned that the only downside to a great beach day is the bath that follows the second we get home…
It wasn’t the best part of his day but I think the rest of it made up for it!


2 thoughts on “Little Caesar goes to the Beach!

    • Hi Jenifer – thanks!! Yes I agree, dogs are definitely more responsibility than you realize – but they’re just so cute we can’t help but love them!! :) Lyle looks to be the same size as Caesar – I’d be they’d be great little friends!

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