A Breakfast at the Bridgeton House

It’s no surprise I love am obsessed with Pinterest.  Besides pinning recipes and organization tips, some of my favorite boards I follow are those by Visit Bucks County.  Even though I’ve lived here my entire life there are plenty of places I have never even heard of! A few months ago Visit Bucks County hosted their own Pinterest Contest.  It was easy enough to enter, just re-pin any of the contest pins to one of your boards… so I re-pinned a few of the ones I was most interested in.

Well, fast forward a few weeks later and I was shocked to receive an email seeing that I was mentioned in one of their pins.  I quickly remembered the contest and assumed it must have been a ‘Sorry – but thanks for entering’ type of note.  Not this time! Surprisingly, I was one of the lucky winners! I won a breakfast at the Bridgeton House in Upper Black Eddy!  Though we frequent the New Hope and Peddler’s Village areas we don’t often travel north of there and had never been to the Bridegton House before.

After checking out their website and seeing how beautiful it looked, I was very excited for our romantic breakfast! Being a little over an hour away from our home we got an early start to our Saturday morning, put the top down in the car and enjoyed a scenic, easy drive up River Road on a gorgeous day at the end of June to The Bridgeton House, a quaint and rustic Bed and Breakfast nestled right alongside the Delaware River.

Having never visited a Bed & Breakfast before, we had no idea what to expect!  Everyone we met at the Bridgeton House was incredibly friendly and had a huge smile on their face.  We were seated in a cozy corner and our breakfast started with a delicious cup of coffee… even I’ll admit this brew was much tastier than anything I’ve enjoyed from my lovely Keurig lately.

Our generous prize included a full multi-course breakfast cooked to order!  For our fruit course, I chose the Baked Pear in a Light Cream Sauce and Hubby chose a Baked Apple with Oats & Walnuts.  Both were amazing and tasted more gourmet than homemade!

For our main course we both chose the Griddle Special… a Belgian Waffle topped with Strawberries! This may have been one of the best waffles we’ve ever eaten – it was light and fluffy yet full of flavor… not to mention the plates were adorable.
After our incredibly filling breakfast we walked around the grounds for a few minutes – the surroudings were so peaceful and beautiful.

Just a few steps away and you are right at the banks of the river!  Not to mention there is private little dock that was just begging for us to sit on – neither of us wanted to leave!

Looking to your left…

and off to your right.

We wished we had more time that morning to enjoy a leisurely drive home, stop in the cute little towns we passed (we must visit Frenchtown, NJ, for some antiquing soon!) and enjoy a little getaway in our very own County!  Unfortunately, we had a busy day of errands planned and were back to reality by noon.  We really hope we can sneak away to the Bridgeton House again soon for an overnight stay so we can take advantage of everything this B&B, and Upper Bucks County, has to offer!

A HUGE thank you to Visit Bucks County for hosting such a fun contest and for the Bridgeton House for our generous prize!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review are my own and have in no way been influenced by Visit Bucks County, the Bridgeton House or any other company or person.

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!!

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