End of Summer Harvest

It’s gorgeous outside today – no humidity and bright sunshine – the perfect day!

It may unofficially be Fall, but my tomatoes are still going strong! The raised beds I made seem to be a great home for my tomatoes and cucumbers, just look at today’s ‘harvest’…
I had to add a trellis t0 my tomatoes since they got so heavy.  Next year I may invest in some tomato cages but I think the trellis is much prettier!
The cucumbers are still producing veggies as well.  Look at this lil baby that just sprouted over the last few days.

I’m keeping a close eye on this guy – he’s ready to pick any day now!
Unfortunately, my zucchini and pepper plants were not as ‘bountiful’ as the others the other two.  I’ll still give them another shot next year – I think I planted them too late in the season.

Though the calendar says September I’m still holding on to summer – and my garden – for as long as I can!


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