A Deck Makeover – part 1

Our previous house had a covered back patio that we spent a lot of time on – it had never been a ‘must’ on our house hunting list but we did enjoy it.  It was just a coincidence that the house we fell in love in with came with a large back deck, we’ve spent so much time on it since moving in we couldn’t imagine living in a home without one now.

Unbeknownst to us as the time, the previous owners did a fabulous job hiding the fact that the deck was deteriorating, fast!  Fast forward 6 months and our deck looked like this..

Three different painters quoted us very high prices and told us they couldn’t guarantee their work to fix this…not to mention the wood underneath was soft and starting to rot from improper sealing.

So we took matters into our own hands and replaced the whole thing ourselves…

Our newly re-floored deck had not been ‘weathered’ enough for staining last year – the lumber yard recommended we wait at least 6 months for the wood to dry out and neither of us wanted to stain in the middle of winter :) – so it was on the to-do list this year.  Of course, we’d have loved to have completed it in early spring, so we could have enjoyed it all summer, but with trying to clean out Hubby’s Grandfather’s house time just got away from us.

Thankfully, we have a good friend that owns a hardware store and a few weeks ago he let us know about an upcoming sale they were having on stain.  It was the push we needed to get this project crossed off our list – just in time to make sure the wood was protected for the snowy winter ahead.  Obviously, I love painting and projects in general but for some reason staining the deck terrified me.  Perhaps it’s because the horrible painting job by the previous owners was the reason we were forced to spend a pretty penny and many long days reflooring the deck in the first place…?

The wood was definitely not as bright and new looking as it was last year this time.
So we invested in some wood brightener, a new deck scrub brush and got to work…
We needed 3 containers of brightener for our 900 square foot deck but after reading how critical this step is to ensure a good finish we knew we couldn’t skip it.
After washing the deck we had to let the wood dry out a few days – unfortunately the weather was not cooperating with us so we ended up having to wait two more weeks to stain it.

What color stain did we chose? Was it hard? Come back Friday to find out :)

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