Bzzz… Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser

I’ve mentioned before that I love being a BzzAgent… I love talking to others about great products and BzzAgent lets me do just that!

My latest campaign was The Glade Expressions Collection.  My opinion of ‘scented’ items like these have never truly been that great.  I’ve often felt the scents were too chemical-like and headache-inducing, but this time I was pleasantly surprised! I have been smelling the ‘Pineapple and Mangosteen’ scent from my new oil diffuser for 16 days now and I still love it!

What’s even better is that this collection is actually designed to be left out and used as an accessory in your home.  My bamboo diffuser is very modern and chic looking – so much so that friends of our had to inspect the piece close up because they couldn’t believe it was something more.

My favorite feature of the new Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser has to be the fact that it is safe for Little Caesar.  Unfortunately our well-behaved affenpinscher sometimes ends up on our end tables if something smells good to him… like a candle! The first time he got close to one was the last time we ever burned one in our family room so consequently, that room has remained scentless! Now however I feel safe leaving the diffuser on end tables, coffee table, in front of the fireplace, you name it.  I know it won’t burn him if he gets too close and thankfully he’s not interested in it enough to chew it. If your dog is inclined to chew things I would make sure to keep the diffuser out of reach since there is a small container of scented oil in the bottom.  Pretty safe to assume this would be harmful if swallowed. 

Here is my bamboo diffuser on our mantle.

Be sure to visit to learn more about the Glade Expressions® products and to explore all their scent collections. I also have some coupons available thru facebook if you’d be interested in trying the new Glade Expressions Collection for yourself… just let me know and I’d be happy to share!

Disclaimer: BzzAgent provided me coupons for a free Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser for the purpose of trying the product and creating Bzz. I also received coupons to share with my family and friends. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and have in no way been influenced by BzzAgent, Glade Expressions, or any other company or person.


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