About The Former Miss

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Blog!!

I’m a Former “Miss” from Pennsylvania living happily as a “Mrs.” with my Hubby of three years and our two year old Pup. In all honestly this place really belongs to a certain little gentleman…

Meet Little Caesar!  We joke that he’s the head honcho here at Caesar’s Palace! :)

2 month old Caesar

Here at The Former Miss I want to make my own contribution to the so called information superhighway. Is there a category for a DIY & design blog, a beauty product review blog and a plain-old-vanilla-this-is-my-life blog that I’m not aware of? If so, please let me know! :)

Regardless of my blog’s genre, I’m happy to have something I can look back and remember my life from! I truly hope though to turn this into something that will help others in one way or another and am happy you stopped by and gave me a chance!

Questions? Comments? Email me at theformermiss@me.com!


2 thoughts on “About The Former Miss

  1. Jenn,

    Congratulations, you won our fabric giveaway in honor Fire Safety and Prevention week! Can’t find an email on your blog, so if you visit mine you’ll find my email on the “Email Us” page, or just leave a comment on the current post. Anyway, I will need your mailing information. Thanks so much for participating and I’m so thankful that you now have an emergency escape plan for you, the hubs and Mr Casesar!


  2. Congrats on your hard work and success on you deck. Just a little feedback to help the next couple faced with a monster deck. 1) The former owners had used a coating or a paint, NOT a stain. Paint actually promotes wood rot. 2) The deck should have been professionally stripped and sanded by a Deckspert. 3) The boards could have been flipped / turned over instead of replaced — perhaps only replacing the worst boards. 4) A wood conditioner / stabilizer would then have fortified the wood and given it another 20 years. 5) Of course use only a penetrating stain that protects the wood from the inside out. Use the high warranty products 4 to 7 years. 6) Painters are great for painting. But few understand staining. And even fewer are trained or certified in wood restoration and preservation. 7) You can learn more from videos and data at http://www.CarolinaWoodDecks.com Thanks P.S. With today’s modern stains, don’t let exterior wood go more than 60 days before it is stained.

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