Holiday Season Kick-off!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!  We shared the day with my Parents and Hubby’s Grandfather and are all very thankful for the many blessings of this past year.

Ever since I can remember Thanksgiving has been my favorite day! I love the anticipation that comes with knowing next few weeks will be full of seeing old friends, looking at Christmas lights, wearing sparkly things, everyone being extra nice and friendly, eating and drinking rich, delicious things, baking cookies, decorating, cuddling by the Christmas tree and celebrating with those we love! Umm, can you tell I love the Holidays?!? 

Our weekend was full of Holiday Cheer!! We completely stuffed ourselves with a delicious meal, did a little Black Friday shopping and started decorating our home. The kick off to the Holiday Season would not be complete without some pictures! If you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen a few of these, but if not, enjoy! :)

Our Thanksgiving stuffing is my late Uncle’s recipe – might be my favorite-ist food ever!

My Mom got this adorable Turkey Mum for our table.
Our delicious Turkey!
Our latest food tradition – going strong for two years now – homemade cranberry sauce! Yum!
Turkey Butter for the Hubs!
Enjoying a romantic sunrise in the mall parking lot on Black Friday!
Proudly wearing my new shirt from American Signature’s gift bags – this will certainly become my new black friday uniform!
Channeling our inner Griswold’s for some outside decorating!

Do you have any fun Thanksgiving weekend traditions?


Christmas past is past…

On the last Festive Friday of 2011 I wanted to share a few pictures of our Christmas Decorations in our home this year… note to self: I MUST read and master these Christmas tree photo-taking tips for next year!!

Hope your holidays were merry & bright!!

Christmas future is far away…

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful christmas!

My hubby retuned to work today so my day will be filled with re-organizing the dining room and tackling the laundry piles we managaed to hide from our guests the last few days. I always get a little ok, a lot sad when Christmas is over so I thought I’d leave you with a few of my favorite pics from the last few days… Instagram style!


I can’t even think about taking our decorations down yet…we usually keep them up until the weekend after New Years but I saw some of my Facebook friends can’t wait to take theirs down?!
How long do you keep your house festive?!

Monday Morning Inspiration…

Please excuse my teeny, tiny post today and maybe for the week but…

There are only 6 days till Christmas!

That means less than 144 hours till family and friends come to our home!
I’m assuming they won’t want to see our piles of laundry that are currently residing in the family room, or the dog’s muddy foot prints that are decorating the rug by the back door, or eat off of paper plates! Soooo there’s a lot of cleaning, organizing, cooking, baking and wrapping that still needs to be done by then!! Oh, and we still need to get and decorate our live tree…

This fact alone is enough to inspire me to make another cup of coffee and get busy!!

Happy Monday!!

Festive Fridays

My husband reminded me the other day that Christmas is next weekend and I almost had a heart attack.  I don’t know why but I definitely kept thinking there was one additional week from now till then but unfortunately he was right!! So consequently this week has been filled with shopping and very little of anything else!!

I wanted to share these adorable reindeer my Husband’s grandfather had once made.  Unfortunately, he can’t remember when he made them (he’s now 89) but since he doesn’t put them out anymore we brought them back to our house to put out front.  They’re much too cute to be sitting in the shed year round!!

 Since I obviously don’t have step by step photos I took a few close-up shots to show the way I think they were assembled…

I believe he took one large tree branch (I think this is birch..?) and cut a longer piece for the bodies and a smaller piece for the heads.  He then used a more narrow branch for the necks.  As for their heads, he attached wooden half-circles for the eyes (I’m not really sure what these would be called…), chipped off a piece of the branch for a nose (this one is Rudolph!) and attached smaller branches for the antlers.
A close up of the side of this guy shows the ears were cut from a piece of plywood and attached with nails to the back of the head. The legs appear to be the remains of a broomstick with metal feel on the bottom which help to keep them firmly in the ground.  I wouldn’t have even thought of this but during last night’s crazy amounts of wind these guys didn’t move an inch!
And last but not least our guys also have tails… though I certainly would not add these kinds of tails if I were making them myself (…our tails are real, ugh! But Pop-Pop was an avid hunter, what can you do!?) I think a big cotton-y poof would work just as well.
You can see this guy needed a little love (and a new antler) after years and years in the shed!

 I love how these reindeer are different than any I’ve ever seen before and appear fairly easy (and fun!) to assemble.  However, I love them most of all because they were handmade by a special member of our family many years ago!

I linked this post up to Positively Splendid! Be sure to visit the party for other great ideas!

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